Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Instagram roundup

Had an epic week of lots of parties for one amazing friend that's moving, lots of hair fun and even more cupcakes. Follow me on Instagram! MostlyGlasses

. B's going away bowling & laser tag night .
. B's going away hula pub crawl .
. 80's night hair in progress ( it got way bigger) .
. New shoes, only 20 bucks at love Culture . 
. Gettin wiggy with it .
. Turtle cupcakes for B's going away potluck .

Saturday, February 11, 2012

treat yo self: sewing stuff

The last couple of months I've been spending my time dealing with dumb grown-up stuff (funerals, working, paying bills, blah!) and I have been really lagging on making stuff and being productive outside of work. I figured the best way to get out of the rut was to go the Haverford route and treat yo self!

Last week I got the Chantilly pattern from Colette Patterns because I thought it looked like it would fit my crazy hourglass body shape well. I've been watching Colette Patterns grow from a little company to being all over the place for a couple years now but had never actually bought anything from them. Their packaging is adorable. I can't wait to use it! The instructions are in a really cute stitched booklet with the actual pattern tucked in a pocket inside. I got the supplies today at JoAnn to make it. I might regret going the sheer route when I'm cranking out those French seams, but the navy + stars combination was too cute to say no to.

Colette Chantilly pattern

I also bought a bunch of half yard cuts from fabricpalooza on Etsy. They were each only $3/half yard, so I went a little bit crazy [considering I have no plans for any of it] but it all looks so pretty sitting on my desk. Stash building, as they say.
stash building

 I also bought some hair extensions on ebay, but they're being shipped from China so that ridiculous sight is upcoming.

Treat. Yo. Self.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Tuesday Tunes: Lily Allen & hip hop, my weaknesses

Lily Allen is amazing. She's cheeky, hilarious and has a total potty mouth. One of my favorite songs is "Who'd Have Known" because being in the awkward beginning part of a relationship is pretty much the only part of the relationship I'm ever in... 
[Ignoring the fact that the video is high up on the list of most unconfortable things I've ever seen. Kidnapping Elton John is no good!] It contains the following lyrics...

I haven't left you for days now,
And I'm becoming amazed how,
Your quite affectionate in public,
In fact your friend said it made her feel sick,
And even though it's moving forward,
There's just the right amount of awkward,
And today you accidentally,
Called me baby.

Adoooooorable! Even though it's sometimes so irritating trying to figure out what the F is going on,  the best part of any relationship is always the beginning where it's still new and exciting. The song is sampled from this one, but I think it's better than the original. Just when I didn't think I could like this song any more, T-Pain and Wiz Khalifa sampled it! What could go wrong with this scenario!?

Wiz Khalifa shares this insight...
Too many thirsty girls up in this club for me to
Leave here with one of them
That's why I call her
And you'll be right at home waiting for me
iPhone plugged in the wall, just waiting for me
Club closed at 6, left around 4:30
Yeah so by the time I'm at your crib...
(It's 5 o'clock in the morning)
And you yawning, but I've been drinking all night and I feel like performing
With you in the bedroom

Thank you, kind sirs, for clearing up how these things are supposed to work. I have been going about finding a decent guy all wrong this whole time! From now on I'll be waiting by the phone all night so after he's is done with all the other girls, he can come pass out at my house after a performance of some sort. Noted. And for the record, this song is always in my head even though I think the message is shady...and as much as I try to hate it, I just like autotune. 

But not all hope is lost for my pal Lily! Common is here to save the day and make me have faith that two of my favorite things, Lily Allen and hip hop, can indeed come together in a good way. Anybody in an astronaut suit pretty much wins in my book. That, and Common is a total dream boat:

 Am I the only one who thinks that Wiz & T-Pain kind of ruined a good thing? Am I just too sensitive because I've dated a lot of really dumb guys in my life? Do I even want to know the answer to that question? 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Hawaii versus Kansas

In December, I went to Honolulu, Hawaii for a week. Three weeks later, I went to Fort Scott, Kansas for a week. Even though I had a nice trip to Kansas, I was missing Hawaii and noticing how different it was there. After I got home, I realized that if you don't take the scenery and weather in to account, I could find a lot of similarities between the two...

1. They both have statues that are great for (most likely, inappropriately) climbing on! Here's me with Duke Kahanamoku, legendary surfer, swimmer, and activist aaaaaaaand me with Winfield Scott, who Fort Scott is named after. The Duke statue has a live web cam, so my travel companion and I texted everybody in our office and had them watch us throw our leis on his arms and wave like maniacs. It's kind of fun to just watch the web cam. You can see boats going by and people swimming!

2. They both have such nice people! Kansas totally got the memo on the aloha spirit. Having never been to the Midwest, I was not prepared for people calling me Miss, sugar, hon, etc. but it was so cute and I loved it.

3. Both have carb heavy, amazing food. I had five delicious different kinds of pasta at one meal in Kansas (macaroni and cheese, chicken and dumplings, Italian pasta salad, Chinese Chicken salad with ramen topping, rotini and meat sauce) and an equally carb laden Hawaiian hotel breakfast buffet (fried rice, waffle, miso soup and the toast I ate after taking this picture.) To be fair to Kansas, it was a pot luck and I am positive that no other person took my cue and ate everything on the table. Normal people just pick one pasta, but I pretty much eat like I am about to run a marathon when I'm on vacation. Okay... all the time. 

4. Both have ramen! Here's some delicious shoyu ramen I had in Waikiki. The Kansas ramen is in the picture above. This was one of my favorite meals I've had in a long time, actually. The pork was perfectly tender, the sprouts were still crisp and the fried garlic slivers gave it some serious flavor. Plus, isn't the fish cake kind of cute in a why-the-heck-is-this-fish-neon-pink way?

5. There was charming, native wildlife in both places. I met a real, live sea turtle in Hawaii (and went snorkeling with some a few days later- amazing!) but I also met a lot of real, dead animals in Kansas. Here I am forcing my sister to act excited to be standing below a taxidermied zoo with me. Sadly, my excitement did not rub off. 

6. They both have beautiful sunsets. Obviously, Hawaii is amazing. But after growing up in a farm town I just really have a weakness for that golden hour over a farm.


7. They both are a 5 hour flight. Look at the cute little curtain that separated my seat from first class on the way to Kansas. As if that tiny curtain could hide the hot towels my spoiled plane neighbors got [which, by the way, I thought was a myth. It is not!]

8. Obama's mom was from Kansas but met his dad while living in Hawaii. True story. I'm obviously desperate for comparisons at this point so that'll end it.

My point of this whole thing is that every place has its own charm and personality, but if you have a statue, feed me ramen and call me 'hon' I will wholeheartedly enjoy it no matter what the weather is like. My friend Steve used to tell me "everything is somebody's favorite thing," and it's true. Except in my case, everything is my favorite thing!