Tuesday, October 16, 2012

two points of the triangle

midwest roadtrippin'

midwest roadtrippin' by mostlyglasses featuring minnetonka

The best way to get to know your boyfriend's family is during a 14 hour road trip across 3 states you've never been to, right? I hope so. When travelling, it's prudent to wear a hat to hide your sleep hair and an obnoxious hoodie to loudly proclaim that you ain't from around here. As if my hella super awesome California accent didn't already give me away, let me draw some attention to my chest for good measure and scream it a little louder. In reality, I'm mega excited for this trip and can't wait to (hopefully) win over the fam, eat some delicious food and remember what it feels like to be cold since Hawaii has voided my life of that sensation. Exciting!

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