Wednesday, October 24, 2012

a giant amount of pride

SF giants outfit

SF giants outfit by mostlyglasses featuring a neon nail polish

Even though I'm an ocean away (especially because I'm an ocean away) it's fun to have my team going to the World Series. Baseball will always hold a special place in my heart because I went to college in SF and spent an way too many days as a speck in the bleachers and way too many nights watching recaps on ESPN trying to see myself as a tiny speck in the bleachers. I then worked in the minor league system for a bit and spent an entire summer getting bit by mosquitoes, drinking $2 beers and looking at men running around in really tight pants. After a bit of a sports fan hiatus, I've found that rooting for my Giants really irritates my Dodger fan boyfriend & friends (how about we just agree that NorCal is better at everything!) so, goooo Giants! 

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