Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Yesterday, I woke up at 7AM (on my first day of vacation from work) to go get my Hawaii state ID, AKA my kama'aina card. The office opened at 8 AM, and I thought I was doing pretty good when I got there at 8:15. If 'doing good' meant being #176 in line, then I did excellent. I am some sort of fool because I thought I would be in and out in an hour, so I didn't eat, didn't charge my phone and didn't bring anything to read or do while I was waiting.

Here's a few thoughts I had while sitting amongst a few hundred of my closest friends for 4 hours with nothing to do but creepily stare and get really annoyed and hungry... Why do people put their little girls (~3 years old) in high heels? They look like baby prostitutes. Don't get it. Why do people insist on playing games on their phones in public places really loud? Why are these people almost always adults? Why, when people listen to dubstep and other such terrible types of music (without headphones, of course) always say things like "can you feel the bass?"Yes, yes I can. Can you feel the daggers that are shooting out of my eyes? Thought so.

Four hours of sitting on a concrete floor in a dirty, dity government office and $36 in parking fees later, I felt like I wanted a TB shot (and a tequila shot) but I got my ID. Finally! Discounts on pretty much everything, here I come! Also, more importantly, my CA license picture (taken when I was 15 and had hot pink hair and a mega grumpy face) will no longer be my primary form of identification and therefore will no longer questioned by every bouncer and checkout person. WORTH IT.

My question for myself is... when did I change what side I part my hair on?! How does that just happen in life without me knowing it?

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  1. I'll miss you pink hair Ashley ID face.

    Seriously how did your part change sides!!! That is a pretty bug deal.