Sunday, August 19, 2012

blogs I love

A lot of my family and friends are confused about my blogging, why I started and what exactly my motivation is. I have a bunch of blogs that I read every day (they automatically load into a feed so they're all in one place for me, I use google reader) and I love that these ladies all are going to have these memories documented for the rest of their lives. There are so many talented and awesome people out there who are willing to share their lives and be open and honest, and that inspires me to do the same. Plus, I feel like there's constantly funny things happening to me and I don't want to forget those silly or exciting moments in life that sometimes get overshadowed by normal life stuff.

Here's a few of my favorites that I've been following for a while. They're all examples women who have a clear voice in their writing and take great pictures, too. Each one has a different style and topic but each one is a great read in it's own way:

Danielle's blog is one of the first that I really started following. I found her blog through her Tattoo Tuesday feature (which is on hiatus and I miss it!) but stayed because she just seems awesome in general! She is a former English teacher and now a mama to a total cutie of a little boy, so her stories of being a mom are so well written and thoughful. She also posts a lot about health, cooking and working out which I am into too. Something for everyone!

Mandy is a blogger from the PacNW with a super adorable little girl, Harper, and a love of thrifting. Besides sharing tons of funny toddler stories and pictures, she's also mega stylish and does it on the cheap which I can appreciate! She's also way funny. Worth a looksie for sure!

Kristin is a nurse from California who is currently working at a clinic in India that repairs cleft palletes and cleft lips. Her blog is full of inspirational stories and photos of the kids (and adults) who have had their lives changed by the surgery. She also does community service and outreach in the slums and her stories are heartwarming and sad at the same time. Plus, it's so interesting to hear about daily life in India for a recent American transplant. Check her out!

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  1. I pretty much started where you did with Danielle and Harpers mommy blog! You should check out these ones.. (awesome recipes and great food pictures!) (if we could we would be best friends with this girl.) (lady crush on this baker lady) (the first blog I started reading every day love this lady) (pretty lady with good make-up tips)

    just a few to keep you busy if you're bored!