Thursday, August 16, 2012

the beaches of wrath

Been nerding out on The Grapes Of Wrath for a couple of weeks now, which for some reason a ton of strangers have stopped to talk to me about. The general consensus is that it's a much better read once it's not required in high school [not gonna lie, I read the Cliff's Notes back then.] Other noteworthy items: my dad bought me a hat just like this one at Disneyland and I have yet to wear it here though I threaten to often, that bathing suit top is the exact one I just got for half off at Macy's and it's awesome (tassels rule) and only 20 bucks, and every day I say I should go paddle boarding (did it once and got hooked) but every day I end up just watching boys play beach volleyball instead. It's really not a bad compromise.

the beaches of wrath

the beaches of wrath by mostyglasses featuring reef slippers
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