Saturday, August 11, 2012

I'm leased!

Thursday, I looked at the 6th apartment on my hunt and fell in love the instant I walked into the building. I decided to up my budget by 100 bucks and what a difference that made in the quality of places. It's a studio, but has a KITCHEN! It was only myself (and Bahar) and one other woman at the showing, which was different than the other showings where 10+ people were there all putting in applications. It turns out that this was the first showing of the place, too, so there weren't a bunch of people ahead of me (I was #49 on a waiting list for a different place last week...) The other lady at the showing came prepared with her application fee and all kinds of paperwork to give to the agent, and all I had was my fee and a big cheesy smile. I hustled and turned in the app that afternoon with all my backup documentation right afterwards (reminds me of my last job, hah!) Something worked in my favor because on Friday afternoon, the next day, the agency called me to let me know that I got the place! I went today to sign the paperwork and I couldn't be more solid on the choice. People here really look out for each other and are all about the ohana (family) which is so refreshing. The agent even said that he might have some furniture I could use when I told him I didn't have anything. If this was California, they'd have been like, better hop on the bus to IKEA, sucka! 

The call that I got the place came right after an aloha Friday BBQ at work, which included a conga line and beat boxing on a karaoke machine. After work drinks at a bar with a cover band & a 10-to-1 military dude to lady ratio made it an amazing day. How everything came together so quickly and perfectly is a mystery but I'm not fighting it!

So the moral of the story is, you guys better start making your plans to come and visit! You'll be sleeping on an air bed but it's an air bed a block away from Waikiki beach, so suck it up :)

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  1. I'll be there. All up in your space. And I might just have a friend over there to intro you to. This reminds me I should be updating my lame ass blog. <3