Wednesday, September 5, 2012

30 day recap

I can’t even believe it, but today marks one month since I got to Honolulu. A lot has happened in 30 days besides hanging out, splashing around, getting an awesome slipper tan and eating papayas (but there is a lot of that going on, too.)
real shoes be damned!
I’m going into my 5th week of work and I love it so much. Every day at work I design and sew samples for clients, and so far it’s been mostly board shorts and swimwear. In all of the jobs that I’ve had in my life, I’ve had things about them that I liked (free baseball tickets, free bagels, awesome coworkers and even a few good bosses) but I haven’t ever been really fulfilled by or content with the work. But now I am. This is the first time since college (when I was seriously delusional) that I actually have attainable goals for myself that I’m actively working towards. Except that my goals back then were crazy and thank goodness I didn’t actually come close at all to reaching them.  Now I’ve got a 5-year plan that is all about ME and nothing to do with boys, marriage, babies or any other normal things a 25 year old girl should be thinking about. Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of me becoming a crazy cat lady!

Even though I am on the cat lady path pretty solid, I have gone on dates with guys from 2/5 of the branches of the Armed Forces this month. Just 3 more to go. I didn’t set out for that to be a goal but now it is. I need to figure out how much of that part of life I’m willing to share, because there has been some REALLY FUNNY THANGS going on with dating and how silly (lets be real, they dumb) these young guys with a disposable income can be. But alas, I don’t want to get caught calling anyone out, especially when they’re paying for my dinner. Hah. But it hasn’t been all ridiculous, I’ve had a lot of fun, made new friends, yadda yadda yadda.

supporting the troops!

I also learned in the process that I am NOT a gold digger. No matter how much you spend on me, if you don’t make me laugh, I cannot have you in my life even for a meal. Thankfully I make myself laugh enough to suffer through these kind of situations. If you are my friend, you are funny and you can bet on that because I literally could not tolerate you otherwise. It's a problem, I know it, and I'm working on it.

I finally got the keys to my place after a ton of drama and a 3-week wait. The tenant that had the place before me left it a huge, disgusting mess and my realtor had to do a bunch of work to make it inhabitable. Of course, it was all on Hawaiian time and took forever. I finally just went California on the situation and said that I would take care of the cleaning and give them to bill. Dunzo. Thank goodness that I was staying with Cate, one of the most generous people I know, and I was able to push back my move-in date without a problem. She also hooked it up with a blow up bed after my failed attempt at sleeping on a pool floatie (it worked fine for a nap) for the time being while I figure out how to get a real bed. Or a futon. Or bunk beds so my guests have a place to sleep. Or a bed and a futon so people don’t get all weird in my bed because there’s nowhere else to sit. Or maybe a fancy air mattress because it’s cheap. See? I got problems, clearly. First world problems.

upgrade! Thanks Cate!

There’s also a new upcoming series in life (and the blog): Cate Dates! There are so many restaurants that us ladies want to try nearby (a blessing and curse of living in a tourist area) and we decided to make it a goal to try one a week. With Cate. A Cate Date. We had the first one last night, so that’ll be coming up shortly. I don’t have wifi at my new place so it’ll happen whenever I have time to hang out at Starbs and do some research.

While I do miss some stuff from home (working out with Terrell, visually molesting our kickboxing instructor with Lindsay, lunch dates in Elk Grody with Jenni, etc.) I have really only gotten homesick once so far. We went to Taco Bell and the lady helping us has the same kind of arthritis that my mom has. I went home and cried.  I felt bad that she had to work when it was probably really painful and frustrating for her and that made me sad. Then I missed my mom and that made me more sad. Then I ate way too much Taco Bell and that made me super sad. It’s funny what little thing can bring out bigger issues. Love you and miss you, Mom! More than you know!

when peple wonder where I get my crazy from, it's this lady's fault. She's my fave!

Anyway, clearly I am a terrible blogger since I saved up two weeks of junk and then threw it all in one post that is so long nobody in their right mind besides my parents will read it. I’ll try to be better. I’ll also try to steal some wifi somehow because walking the 12 steps to Starbucks just really doesn’t sound that appealing. That, and getting up from a slightly deflated air bed is so awkward even when nobody else is watching!  

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