Monday, September 10, 2012


So last week, Kaelah posted about Little Black Bag and I couldn't resist the temptation and bought a month's membership (it's my birthday month, treat yo self!) I think the concept is amazing! Basically, you pay a monthly fee (you can buy a one-month membership for $59.95 or a every month membership for $49.95/month with the option to skip any months.) With the membership, you receive 3-4 items valued around $150. You pick the first item, and the rest of the items are chosen for you by one of their stylists after you take a style quiz. The fun part is that once your items are picked for you, you can trade with other members. And oh good god, it's addicting. When you make a trade request, the request is sent to all of the people with that item, so you have to accept it quick if you want it! There are SO many cool things, and a lot of them are designer (if you're into that, I'm not really.)

I picked a nice blue, slouchy bag as my first item (valued at $78, and I'm only paying $50, holla!) and they chose some jewelry pieces for me as the other items. As soon as I "opened the bag" there were a bunch of trade requests waiting, so I quickly traded away all the jewelry for a hat and something else that I already forgot. Then I traded that mysterious, forgotten item for a badass alligator ring!
little black bag wishlist
little black bag wishlist by mostlyglasses featuring a black shoulder bag

After 7 days, you're cut off from trading and your stuff ships to you and you anxiously await next month when you get to do it again. Fun. Too much fun, really. I'm hooked! I have 3 more days of trading before my bag ships, so whoooooo knows  what I'll end up with. 

Should you want to try this shopping mayhem out for yourself, click here and let the fun begin. In the interest of full disclosure, if you sign up through that link, I get a free item next month. But I'll love you forevs so, worth it. Plus you'll have so much fun trading your life away and you'll get a box of awesome stuff for cheap! WINNING. 

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