Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Kika, B and myself went to see GROUPLOVE last week, or the week before maybe (it's been a while and I'm too lazy to look up the date) at a new venue called the Republik. Hawaii doesn't really get that much live music (compared to SF and Sacramento where I grew up) so this place having this show, Death cab the next night and Gym Class Heroes two days later is pretty awesome!

hey layyyydeeeees!
The venue was super cool. From the outside, I wasn't expecting that much, but inside it had all these different lounge areas all around and 3 bars, so there wasn't really a wait for a drink and always a place to sit and hang out if you weren't watching the show. But the place was brand new. As in, so new that a girl closed the bathroom door and it literally fell off the hinges.. hahaha whoops!

We thought it was funny that none of the band really matched eachother. There was one surfer looking guy, the drummer was a little bit of a bro, the singer looked like Molly Ringwald, the next guy was dressed like the singer from Coldplay who wore that weird military jacket for like 3 years, and then the last guy was a beardy hipster with a funny hat with a feather in it. And I thought my crew was mismatched! 

Anyway, Alessa is way cooler than us and was the one who suggested we go because she liked them, but Bahar and I thought we didn't know any Grouplove songs. It turns out that they were on an ipod commercial or something, so we knew that one, and I knew another one from listening to Pandora 24/7 ( I'm always singing "take me to your breast friends house, da da da da da da da daaaaaa" obviously my listening skills are a little bit sketchy and I'll turn anything into a boob joke.) I'm so glad we went! They were fun and energetic and have somehow blown UP in the last couple weeks. I've been hearing them all over now! Maybe it's one of those things like how you never notice a kind of car until you want one and then you see it everywhere, I don't really know. Our CA friends saw them a couple days later in Monterey, so that's kind of fun, too. Speaking of friends, Bahar found a new friend who was dressed in the boy version (okay fine, it was slightly androgenous) of her outfit.

And just like that, another successful night of funzies.

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