Friday, September 21, 2012

quarter century club

In my 25th year, I'm going to...

1. Be a more involved aunt, sister, and daughter...which is no joke since my fam is getting really big! Long story!
2. Learn to dance (this was my birthday resolution last year and I never really did it, except for cat daddy and cupid shuffle)
3. Release my own line of clothes independently and get into at least 2 local boutiques
4. Re-open my etsy shop
5. Visit another Hawaiian island
6. Hike Kokohead (1,100 stairs!)
7. Take a picture in front of Dog the Bounty Hunter's house (whatta creeper)
8. Kayak to the island at Kailua
9. Take a hula class
10. Stand up on a surf board
11. Get much better at paddle boarding
12. Check out the big wave surfers on the North Shore this winter
13. Go on a date with guys all 5 branches of the military (2 down)
14. Quit being late for things; it's rude
15. Join RAWartists and other art co-ops and groups, and support other artists too
16. Take my big camera out more and practice on manual mode
17. Finish my nephew's dragon quilt that he's been very patiently waiting for for 2 years now
18. Get SCUBA certified, or at least think really hard about it (haha!)
19. Cook more, eat out less (no more Starbucks egg+sausage sandwiches for lunch every day!)
20. Practice my Hawaiian so I don't have to sound out every syllable of every word
21. Learn to draw better
22. Stay in touch more with friends besides facebook (stupid facebook!)
23. Get back into working out; I love being strong but I also love not being sweaty and sore, so it's been an easy habit to get out of...
24. Let go of people and things that only bring me down, and have no regrets or dwell on time I feel like I "wasted"
25. Have fun being a young (not so young anymore, boo!) single lady in Hawaii working at a job I love! This one is easy!

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