Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Suggestions: vol 2

Posle poludnya! Good afternoon! The Russian ladies at work are teaching me a new word every day. Unfortunately, the Russian alphabet and I are strangers, so I have a whole bunch of crazy, phonetically spelled notes of Russian words in my phone.

Happy Sunday! This weekend was lots of fun in the sun and lots of errands. Today is another busy day of funzies, with birthday present shopping (September babies, gotta love 'em!) and lunch with my Ukrainian coworker. This Sunday, I suggest you...

Read this profile of Mindy Kaling. She's hilarious and I love her new show. The first episode is on hulu. Nothing wrong with a sassy, single lady!

Make these cookies so I can live vicariously through you. Unlike the rest of the blog universe, I do not get to have fall this year, so pumpkin spice lattes and cookies are not happening.

Watch this video from a couple of weeks ago that Bahar shot and edited of Alessa and I heading out paddle boarding. Alessa is a champion, but I got my ass absolutely handed to me that day by the ocean. We went (wayyyyyy) further out than I have ever been and there were waves. Imagine that, waves in the ocean! Waves are cool and all, but this was only my second time ever being on any kind of board in the water and I was not prepared for how much of a failure I would be, haha. I went splashing off my board a bunch of times, fell on TO my board once (fun! no, not really.) and after my swim suit bottoms fell off at one point,  I just sat down and decided to enjoy the sunset instead of paddle. But, when I accidentally got caught with a set of waves coming towards me and nothing to do but take it,  after the initial "oh f*!" moment, I manned up (ladied up?) and rode it out (AKA, went down to knees and held on for dear life) and it was so fun. So basically I need to work on my balance, keep going out, tie my bottoms on tighter and quit being such a baby and getting embarrassed when I fall. That's kind of a lot of stuff to do but I'm up for it. Maybe!

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