Friday, September 7, 2012

Operation Bringing Sexy Back: halfway done

So I’m now halfway done Operation Bringing Sexy Back, AKA my goal of losing 40 pounds. It’s been 3.5 months and I’m down 20 pounds.  Because duh, thats half of 40. While I’m not proud that I had/have that much weight to lose, I’m proud of myself for finally getting rid of it. In CA, I was working out on the daily with my friend and unofficial trainer, Terrell, and I really miss our every day gossip/ therapy/ beastly lifting/ sometimes a little bit of dancing to Kanye (by me) sessions. I never was able to stick to going to the gym regularly until she came around and held me accountable. She made me work harder than any of my male trainers (that I paid a LOT of money to) ever did and she was way nicer and would go get her nails done with me, which is more than I can say for any of those boys! 

Soon after, Lindsay and I started trying every workout class in the county and got hooked on sweaty yoga (we were always the sweatiest, I take that as a badge of honor) and kickboxing (man that teacher was hottt, with 3 t’s even, and it made me work way harder than I would have otherwise) and water aerobics (we were 50 years younger than the target audience and consequently totally schooled everyone else) and booty barre class (I thought we might die or our butts might fall off, neither happened.) And then I was such a jerk and up and moved away and left my ladies.

Yet I somehow dropped 10 pounds in the last month without working out once, with the exception of some leisurely swims. Don’t get me wrong, it’s awesome and I’m very happy. It’s also insanely frustrating because I worked so, so hard at home for TWO STRAIGHT MONTHS to lose the first 10 pounds. I’m talking 6AM workouts every day (two-a-days a lot of the time, too), dieting, doing the god forsaken stair stepper, running on the treadmill holding plate weights… I did everything I could to lose my first decade of fat. 

Since I’ve been here, I…
-have been eating a lot of protein shakes. Body by Vi, to be exact. My friend sells it and was losing tons of weight and I bought some to be nice but I ended up liking the shakes and will stick with them for a while. Bonus: I paid for them last month so it doesn’t cost me anything now and I’m bbbbrrrroooookkkkkeeeee so I have had a lot of shakes. Many more than I would have liked to have had, actually.
-don’t have a car, so I end up walking more than I used to.  I get rides a lot of places thanks to having awesome friends but still end up walking a couple of miles a day between my place and theirs, and to the beach and stuff. In slippers, mind you, so my feet are not cute like they used to be. They’re all busted up.
-sweat a lot. Too much; it’s disgusting really.
-drink tons of water cause I’m so hot all the time(temperature hot, not sexy hot…but occasionally a little bit sexy hot, but it's only been brought back halfway so far)
-also drinking tons of beers, but hey, the proof is in the scale so I shall continue doing my thang.

I conveniently make the same pose in all pictures, so here's the proof that I look less like a roly poly than I did on Picnic Day. Also, like less of a douche because I am not wearing a silly hat, and more of a blonde because I paid big bucks to get my fun hair back.

I find it funny that because I haven’t been eating that much, I’ve become slightly better looking, which in turn has
gotten me more dates, which has gotten me free food. It all comes full circle. These guys who caught me in my hungry stage are really screwing it up for the next round of troops who are going to meet me after these guys fatten me back up. That’s not to say that the only reason I’ve had good luck with the dudes is because I’ve lost weight, because I did fine when I was actually fat and not just chunky, but more confidence never hurts. Plus, since I’m hungry I think I’m a little feistier. Maybe dudes are into that, who knows.

And I’m happy to report that my workout buddies are also losing weight across the ocean. Great success! On to the next 20…

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