Saturday, September 15, 2012

garbage pickin'

Today was International Coastal Cleanup Day, did you clean a beach today? I did! 

Today, Bahar and I went to Lanikai (my favorite beach ever!) to clean up garbage and work on our tans. It was her idea, because she's a good person, but I went because I've been trying to even out my back tan for weeks and thought that doing a good deed while tanning would be better than just laying there. Lanikai is one of the cleanest beaches I've seen here. Residents are always pitching fits that there's too many tourists and guides there and trying to pass laws to keep the people out so the beaches stay nice. But never the less, we did find some trash. Woohoo!

you can't capture how gorgeous this beach is, but I tried!

They gave us a reusable bag to put the trash in and a tally sheet to count up what we found. We ended up with mostly cigarette butts (14 plus 1 cigar) but also 3 beer bottles and some other random odds and ends. Have you ever heard of nurdles or mermaid tears? I hadn't until I came here. They're basically little pieces of plastic. But that was it; nothing that cool. But the fact that we didn't find "cool garbage" means that there wasn't that much garbage to find, which is a good thing!

B was the happiest garbage picker in all the land!

And as usual I was just sassin' around, working on my tan.

We found some stuff that was cool but wasn't garbage, like this crab claw and tons of flower petals, so we let it stay at the beach. 

And then we couldn't resist anymore and jumped in the water for a bit before making the gorgeous drive back to town. I highly recommend cleaning up your local beach, it's tons of fun!

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